Cremation With Confidence

We believe in our cremation process so much, that we offer the Cremation With Confidence Guarantee

Peace of Mind. Guaranteed.

We offer a 10-step cremation process backed by our Cremation with Confidence guarantee.

This 10-step process is designed to:

  • Treat your loved one with respect and dignity by assuring that your loved one never leaves our care.
  • Provide a system of checks and balances to ensure that the cremated remains returned to you are those of your loved one.
  • Offer your family the opportunity to celebrate the life of your loved one – before and after the cremation process.

Learn more about our 10-step cremation process here, then contact us to find out more on your cremation options.

Cremation with Confidence 10 Step Guarantee

  1. Your loved one never leaves our care
    • Many other funeral homes hire third party crematories. These funeral homes transfer your loved one to outside cremation services, making it difficult for the funeral home to manage and supervise the cremation.
    • We have our own crematory located on-site at Naugle Funeral Home and Cremation Services. All your services are handled and managed by our certified staff and your loved one never leaves our care.
  2. Safeguarding personal identity
    • To ensure security, a personal identification band is placed on your loved one at the moment your loved one is transferred to our care.
  3. Unique Tracking System
    • Upon arrival, your loved one’s data is logged into our tracking system and assigned an identification number. This number is used to track every phase of the cremation process. Our tracking system includes date and time of arrival to our facility along with the name of the funeral director.
  4. Funeral Director Supervision
    • At every step in the cremation process, a licensed funeral director will be supervising the process. This supervision ensures that the highest level of care and respect is given to your loved one.
  5. Family Identification
    • We will ask you, or a representative, to positively identify your loved one prior to the cremation.
  6. Cremation Log Book
    • Immediately prior to the cremation process, the funeral director takes your loved one to the crematory. Upon arrival, his or her personal identification is noted in the cremation log book. This log shows the name of the individual, date and time of the cremation, identification number, and crematory operator’s name. Our crematory log accounts for the date and the start time and is initialed by a cremation technician before and after the cremation.
  7. During the Cremation
    • As a funeral home with an on-site crematory, we accommodates all religious and personal preferences.
  8. After the Cremation
    • After the cremation, the family should contact the funeral home for the urn. At this time, if you so choose, we will provide a dignified setting in which to receive the urn, where you may spend a few moments, privately, in quiet reflection.
  9. Celebration of Life
    • We will assist in planning a funeral or memorial service either before or after the cremation, which will appropriately celebrate the life of your loved one. A meaningful ceremony provides an opportunity for family and friends to pay tribute to your loved one and to share the memories of a lifetime.
  10. Aftercare
    • Grieving is an on-going process, one which does not necessarily end with the funeral. For this reason, we have dedicated staff members who are available to help you deal with the continuing grief from the loss of your loved one.

Why Cremation Providers Should Have a Guarantee

Some cremation providers do a better job than others in ensuring the utmost care for your loved ones. You can see this from national and local headlines below where you will find stories about mistakes made at funeral homes across America which have had devastating effects on grieving families.

Cremation mix-ups happen more often than you may think. In recent years, national headlines have been covered with stories from families who lost loved ones at scattered memorials because of cremator's negligence or intentional corner-cutting by funeral homes looking to save money on embalming fluids and services. It's a terrible reality that many people don't realize exists until it affects them personally. If you're looking for a way to make sure your loved one is treated with respect and dignity, then reach out to us at Naugle Funeral Home & Cremation Services. Why take a risk when you can be guaranteed protection for your family? You'll get peace of mind with Cremation with Confidence.

Cremation Options

There are many options available with a choice for cremation. In fact, there is no such thing as an "average" cremation because each one can be unique and differ from others in what they offer to their loved ones during final arrangements.

Choices for Gatherings:

  • The traditional service is a funeral with visitation and viewing. The body will be cremated afterward, but not until all mourners have had time to pay their respects for an extended period to give them closure after such hard times they've gone through together as family members or friends.

  • Memorial services for the cremated remains can be held at any time. After the cremation takes place, there will be an opportunity to celebrate the life of your friend or family member by holding a memorial service with friends and relatives in attendance.

  • You may have a private family gathering before or after the cremation. It is important to keep the family together and support each other through this difficult time. The atmosphere at a private family gathering can be more relaxed and healing and their willingness and readiness for the cremation ceremony will increase because of it.

Choices for Final Disposition:

  • Keep the cremated remains in a columbarium or mausoleum

  • Scattering ashes at sea, memorial garden, or place of special importance

  • Placing ashes in a columbarium or mausoleum niche, or burying them in the ground near family members' graves

  • Placing cremated remains inside of an artificial reef for marine life to enjoy and flourish on

  • Cremation jewelry, such as a pendant or ring made of the cremated remains

Choices for Memorialization:

  • Memorialization through a tree

  • Memorialization through monuments, markers, or plaques

  • Memorialization through dove, balloon, or butterfly releases

  • Memorialization through a memorial wall at home or columbarium wall