Filipino Funeral Service

Filipino Funeral Traditions

Filipino funeral traditions are rooted in the Catholic faith, which heavily influences Filipino culture. In the Philippines, a funeral is a time of mourning and reflection and a celebration of the deceased's life. Though Filipino funerals may vary slightly depending on the region, there are some common threads that run through most Filipino funeral services. 

Another important Filipino funeral tradition is the nine-day wake. This is a time for family and friends to gather together and remember the deceased. On the ninth day, there is a special Mass for the deceased. After which their ashes are buried or scattered. Typically, Filipino funerals are held within seven days of a person's death, and they are often conducted at the deceased's home or funeral home. 

The Filipino funeral service is a way to ensure that the deceased are remembered and honored. By understanding the Filipino funeral traditions, you can show your support for grieving family and friends.

Death in Filipino Culture

For Filipino people, death is seen as a natural part of life, and they have developed numerous traditions to help deal with the loss of a loved one. One of the most important aspects of Filipino funerals is the Filipino funeral service. This is typically a Catholic Mass, which a priest conducts in Filipino. 

Filipino funeral services also often include a eulogy, which is delivered by a family member or close friend. Filipino culture also places emphasis on paying respects to ancestors. This is why many Filipino people have altars in their homes where they light candles and offer prayers to their ancestors. Ancestor worship is an essential part of Filipino culture, and it helps to ensure that the deceased are remembered and honored.

Filipino Burials and Mourning of the Deceased

Burials in the Philippines are typically conducted in graves, although cremation is becoming more popular. It is common for Filipino people to mourn their deceased loved ones for an extended period of time. Black clothing is often worn by widows or women who have lost their children. The family of the deceased will also hold a mass several times throughout the year. In addition, Filipinos also celebrate All Souls' Day when they visit the gravesites of their loved ones to pay respects.

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