Crescent Memorials

Crescent Memorials

The Crescent Commitment is to help funeral homes by providing the highest quality products and services at the lowest prices thereby assisting the Funeral Home in celebrating the life of a loved one.

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Legacy Touch Keepsakes

Legacy Touch Keepsakes

Experience the closeness of your Loved One every single day with a beautiful Keepsake from Legacy Touch. Find unimaginable connection that you can carry wherever you go through a cherished fingerprint engraved in a finely crafted Keepsake or piece of Jewelry.

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Crystal Rememberance Urns

Crystal Remembrance Medium

Price: $595

Handmade Crystal Memorial

Size: Medium 6.5 " Tall

Crystal Remembrance Small

Price: $ 495

Handmade Crystal Memorial

Size: Small 5" Tall

Crystal Remembrance Large

Price: $895

Handmade Crystal Memorial

Size: An Impressive 8" Tall

Hardwood Urn Collection

Scatter Tubes

Water Burial Green Urns

Natural Carved Salt Urn

Large Urn starting at $320

Craft Paper Turtle Urn

Large Urn starting at $290

Biodegradable Sand Urn

Large Urn starting at $280

Earth Burial Green Urns

Bamboo Urns

Starting at $430

Cornstarch EcoUrn

Starting at $160.00

Sheet Bronze Urns