Natural Burial

Naugle Funeral Home and Cremation Services provides the option of a natural burial in the ground without the use of embalming fluids (chemicals). We use all natural biodegradable shrouds or wicker caskets for an all natural choice for families that want a traditional burial. 
The grave is hand-dug so there is no use of heavy equipment. Volunteers do all of the work with digging and covering over the deceased.
We can do a graveside service at the graveside, or we can do a viewing before and then bury after the service at the cemetery.

Green / Natural Burial Prices

Green Burial With Minimal Shroud: $3495

Green Burial With Minimal Wicker Casket + Up To 2 Hours Visitation (day of service): $4495.00

Additional Information

Green burial, also referred to as natural or conservation burial, is a legal and safe burial process that uses biodegradable containers and avoids the usage of chemical preservatives or disinfectants such as embalming fluid. 

It is a way of caring for loved ones who passed away and at the same time helps in the permanent protection of a natural area.

Conservation burial sites are surrounded by beautiful native plants. 

People who support conservation have the option of having a more meaningful burial, assuring that the land is protected as a legacy for future generations. 

The families and friends of the departed are brought closer to nature in honor of their beloved’s life.